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Youth Committee


Our Youth team specializes in a broad focus of planning, directing, and recruiting volunteers to walk beside us in areas of youth ministry education, structural faith learning through activities, events, studies, and service in mission.  We assist with confirmation program structure, scheduling, and curriculum research to fulfill a solid Lutheran faith-based opportunity for youth grades 5th-12th to learn and grow beside one another through large and small group learning. 

We plan and provide a multitude of fundraising throughout the year for both group, general and individual needs. We partner frequently with the Christian Education Committee on Family structuring to build the bridge creating solid relationships through Multi-Generational opportunities.

We encourage youth and family involvement through community service, action, and mission opportunities when possible.  If you have a passion or love of youth, teaching, mentoring, fundraising, volunteering, or organization we extend an invitation and encourage you to consider joining our team. 

For more information or interest please contact Council Liaison  Janet Nesseth,

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