7-9 grade Confirmation

Classes begin September 23, at 6:30 p.m.

We will not be serving suppers this year due to restrictions, and we want to offer pre-packaged snacks, youth are asked to bring a water bottle or beverage with them. 

Each class will meet in their designated rooms and have access to one set of restrooms each week.  This is where they will be for the entirety of the evening. 

Last weeks sermon's can be found Here​. Participants are required to complete 25 worship reflections each year.  We are asking participants to complete worship reflections for worship opportunities to help participants focus on what they are seeing, hearing and experiencing in worship. 

7th Grade    -Makayla Nuguyen, and Sydney Nelson, with Pastoral and Youth Director support. 

The 7th grade will be assigned to the large room at the end of the hall in the Sunday School wing. With access to the upstairs restrooms. 


8th Grade   -Becky Nguyen and Tracy Clark 

The 8th Grade will meet in the Library Gathering Place, with access to the main Lobby restroom.


9th Grade   -Kari Amundson, Mary Vorwerk, Josh Moen, and David Mischke

The 9th grade will meet in the Fellowship Hall with access to the lower level fellowship restrooms. 


For those families that wish to be joining into this ministry from home this year, please Contact our youth and family team

We have several ways to access:

GLC Youth Facebook group in an album. 

Google link to the video and materials for each week’s lessons. 


These will be provided in a monthly email with all needs for each week. If you need a printed version please email: youthandfamily@glcdassel.com


Worship notes are still a required part of our annual ministry.  25 worship reflections should be completed per school year from September-August.  Acolyting has always been a required contribution to worship participation, however we understand that many are not ready to resume in person worship.   We will address the needs when we are in a better place in the restriction and guidelines for this ministry. 


If there are youth that would be willing to offer their time to help with worship, we would greatly enjoy your participation. You could contact the office to register for Acolyting if you are planning to be at Worship on a Sunday. Or you can always step in when you are able if you are attending.

We are doing everything we can to ensure all family’s needs are met during this uncertain time and offer the reassurance that we are following all the health and safety guidelines for educational ministry.


Gather. Grow. Go.


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