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As an usher, your role is to facilitate persons as they enter, receive communion and leave a service.

  • Ushers need to arrive at the church 20 minutes before the start of the scheduled service.

  • Bulletins and Quick Notes (if available) will be found on the small table behind the last right pew.  Welcome attendees to the service and give them a bulletin (and Quick Note.) Answer any questions.

  • Offering:  Plates are on shelf under small table. Two (2) ushers walk together down the center aisle, each carrying two (2) plates.  It is best if you recruit two other persons to be at the side aisles to help pass the plates.  Make sure persons at side aisles pass plates to choir and side pews first, and then join in main sanctuary. Gather at back of church and when offertory hymn starts, ushers walk together back up the center aisle and give plates to the acolytes. Return and walk together to the back of church.

  • Communion:  As communion assistants finish receiving communion, two (2) ushers go to front of pews and hold trays of communion cups.  Two (2) ushers walk to front of sanctuary and direct each row forward to receive communion. 7-8 persons will usually fit comfortably at each side of the rail.  Ushers commune after last of the congregation.

  • Count attendance:  during sermon, go up in the balcony to count all present at the service.  Make sure to include pastor(s), acolytes, organist, pianist, choir/musicians, A/V technicians, and persons seated in the balcony and/or side front aisles.

  • After all have left sanctuary, go through the pews and collect anything left behind and discard or place in lost and found.

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