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Library Board Team


Library Board governs its existence and functions. A council member is set as a liaison on this board. The team meets regularly to discuss, review, and organize all the archives, books, and media that is housed in house for congregational use and reference when needed.  We maintain a variety of fiction and non-fiction general reading as well as theological, and documentarian items to be checked out for personal leisure and reading acknowledgements.  The library recently went through a generational uplift of materials and items and was combined into our gathering place.  The space now offers a self-serve coffee/beverage station, comfortable sitting space for studies, classes, meetings or conversations and other needs as seen appropriate by the congregation.  If you have an interest in reading, archives, organizing, or working in a small group atmosphere, we encourage you to join us on the Library Team.


For more information or interest please contact: Council Liaison Dale Grochow,

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