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Position Summary: The custodian is responsible for overseeing the general cleaning of the our
church and grounds, as well as maintenance of the church building, parsonage and the grounds. This
person will work together with volunteers and contractors, as needed, to ensure that the buildings
and grounds are properly maintained.

Job Responsibilities


1. Open the church, turn on lights and set the thermostats. Close the church, as-needed, as
directed by the Pastor.

2. Maintain the Heating and Cooling Systems

○ Maintain the boilers.
○ In the heating season , turn up the thermostats in the Sanctuary, Fellowship Hall and
both levels of the Sunday School Wing to 68 degrees.
○ In the heating season , check the furnace water level daily and maintain proper levels.
○ In the cooling season , turn down the north air conditioning unit to 70 degrees, the
center air conditioning unit to 71 degrees and the south air conditioning unit to 72
○ In the cooling season , check the furnace weekly.
○ Change air filters, as necessary.
○ Clean the outside air conditioner condensers, as necessary.

3. Monitor the calendar for scheduled events and plan the completion of responsibilities around
4. Keep bathroom doors open when not in use.
5. Check the humidity levels of pianos and fill when the red lights are blinking.
6. Work with church staff and congregation members to maintain church facilities in the best
possible condition, making every effort to perform extra tasks as needed, or when time is


1. Sweep the steps and sidewalk.
2. Empty all wastebaskets throughout the entire church.
3. Bring recycling to the outdoor bin.
4. Clean all seven bathrooms, sinks, stools, walls and floors.
5. Vacuum the entire church, including the narthex, library, offices, Sanctuary, hallways,
Fellowship Hall and entryways.
6. Mop the kitchen floor.
7. Dust windowsills, piano, altar, altar railing, and other areas as needed.
8. Vacuum and dust the balcony.
9. Clean the glass on all entry doors and scrub the entries, as needed.
10. In the Sunday School Wing, put items away, dust, mop and vacuum.
11. In the Sunday School Wing, keep the window in Youth Room’s exit stairwell open 1-2” for
ventilation during summer months.
12. Clean up, vacuum and dust the Senior High Lounge and Junior High rooms.
13. Properly maintain and store all equipment.


1. Wipe the floor under choir seats.
2. Vacuum and dust pews in Sanctuary.
3. Wipe floors in the elevator and entry areas on Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall levels.
4. Clean up, vacuum and dust the choir room, back stairway to the Fellowship Hall and the
Sunday School Wing.


As Needed

1. Identify and perform minor repairs and notify the Property Committee of any major
2. Coordinate with the Property Committee for arranging contractors to perform required
maintenance that cannot be performed by staff or volunteers.
3. Set-up tables, chairs and microphones in the Fellowship Hall for meetings and events.
4. Replace all burnt out light bulbs (inside and outside).

○ Recycle all old bulbs.
○ Maintain inventory of extra bulbs.

5. Oversee lawn maintenance volunteers and attend to lawn maintenance issues not contracted
out or delegated to volunteers.
6. Oversee snow removal on sidewalks and ensure that walkways and exits are kept clear and
7. Clean weeds from the curb and horseshoe drive.
8. Maintain landscaping shrubs and replace mulch.
9. Use a Dehumidifier and vacuum water in rooms, as needed, to keep them dry. This includes
the cold storage room, Fellowship Hall and lower level of the Sunday School Wing.
10. Maintain dish washing and coffee making systems in the kitchen, including replacing
supplies and filters.
11. Clean up after funerals and special events.
12. Other duties as assigned by supervisor

Communion Sundays & Special Communion Services

● Set up communion tables (First and Second Sundays) and handrails (First Sunday)
● Change the three candle altar candelabra to the single candle candelabra per Pastor’s
● Hang the funeral banner and add the person’s name.
● Set up chairs in the library for the family gathering.


Weddings are not a part of the regular weekly hours; this is part of the custodial fee paid by the
wedding party. This position is required to clean up after weddings, including vacuuming the
Sanctuary, narthex, Fellowship Hall and entries; and cleaning the bathrooms in the Fellowship Hall
and narthex.


● Able to work independently within allotted time frames.
● Ability to use necessary cleaning equipment and perform required duties.
● Special boiler license, unless alternate is arranged.
● Ability to lift up of to 50 lbs.

Hours : 32 hours per week (Does not include snow and ice removal)

Day Time Hours

Monday 8:15-12:15, 1-3                           6
Tuesday 8:15-10:15                                  2
Wednesday 8:15-10:15                             2
Thursday 8:15-12:15, 1-3                         6
Friday 8:15-10:15                                      2
Saturday 4pm-6pm                                   2

Plus 12 flexible hours per week.                     12
Total 32 hours per week

This position reports to the Gethsemane Lead Pastor

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