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The role of assisting communion to very important to our congregation.  It is hoped that these instructions will help you to be more confident in this role.

  • Go to the front of the sanctuary during the offertory song.

  • Wash hands using the alcohol based sanitizer on the table to the right of the altar.

  • Form a line in front of the high altar and prepare to receive communion from the pastor.  The pastor will then indicated who will be serving “bread” or wine,

  • Communion at the rail: after people are at the rail, walk on the inside of the railing to deliver the sacrament saying either “the body of Christ given for you” or “the blood of Christ shed for you.” Bread servers go back toward the altar behind the recipients of if there is limited space, wait for them to stand to leave, and then return to alter area.

  • Walk through communion: proceed to then steps to serve, bread server on the inside.

  • After all have communed, one server may need to follow the pastor if someone receives communion in the pew.

  • Return bread and wine to the Lord’s Table.  One assistant will then administer communion to the pastor.

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