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Hands Together 

“Hands Working Together to Help One Another” or Hands Together is a ministry of serving locally and also leaving the comforts of home to work in a community where gifts and talents can be used to share God’s love, grow in faith and build partnerships in other faith communities.

This past year Hands Together has been serving locally by keeping the Gethsemane Food Box filled.  Through Thrivent Action Grants and personal donations, we estimate up to $500 worth of food, personal care and cleaning supplies have been supplied weekly. We are also working with the Dassel Food Shelf. The Gethsemane congregation has been extremely generous in their support to this cause through monetary and food donations throughout this year of pandemic. If you are wishing to be a part of the team to take a time to fill the Food Box, please contact one of us listed.

The 2020 Hands Together Ministry is working with Praying Pelicans Missions out of Minneapolis. PPM has the leadership and coordination with communities in Puerto Rico where in October 2021 the Gethsemane group is planning the first ministry trip. Thirteen people made the first commitment to the trip and others are still welcome to join in this new exciting ministry. 

We meet in the Gathering Place each month to pray, learn, build community and also address current needs. If you feel called to support Hands Together, please join us.


For more information or interest please contact: Wendy Seefeldt,

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