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Altar Guild
The Altar Guild is a sub-committee that is nested under the Worship and Music committee. The Altar Guild consists of three groups that serve for two months twice a year.

Members of the Altar Guild have several basic responsibilities:

• Prepare and set up for communion
• Change altar paraments for worship for each of the seasons
• Order communion supplies
• Take special care of the linens, paraments, vestments, banners, candles, altar flowers etc.
• Clean the chancel, altar, font, pulpit, etc.

The Altar Guild oversees the decorating of the church and assists in coordinating various groups with Christmas, Easter, and Pentecost. If you are passionate about the sacrament of communion, and the overall care and upkeep of the sanctuary and its appearance, we invite you to consider joining this committee.

For more information you may contact Mary Mortenson
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